Architectural integration of solar thermal energy systems IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme

This database presents a range of buildings where solar thermal energy systems have been successfully integrated in the architecture.

Solar thermal - high-tech renewable energy with great performance!

The core element of a solar thermal installation is solar collectors that convert the energy in sunlight directly into usable heat. These collectors can be aesthetically integrated with the building envelope or they can be mounted onto a building. Solar thermal installations have high energy capacity, and end users therefore benefit of an attractive pay back on their investment.


Animal Pathology Laboratory Animal Pathology Laboratory
Quebec, Canada
Bludesch Kindergarten Bludesch Kindergarten
Bludesch, Austria
Environmental Research Station Schneefernerhaus - UFS Environmental Research Station Schneefernerhaus - UFS
Granby Hospital Granby Hospital
Granby (Quebec), Canada
Home for disabled people Home for disabled people
Salzburg, Austria
Kolpinghaus, Dornbirn Kolpinghaus, Dornbirn
Dornbirn, Austria
Landessportschule Landessportschule
Albstadt, Germany
School Building School Building
Horgau, Germany
Youth centre Koblach Youth centre Koblach
Konlach, Austria
Zrenjanin Hospital Zrenjanin Hospital